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Hacking Team, an on-line company without security

20clt-foto-reuters-passante-131070Until some days ago, the Milanese company Hacking Team (HT) was considered one of the global leaders of the malware market. Its products – those particular software used in order to put under tight surveillance computers and smartphones of activists, political militants and journalists – were most requested by police and secret services all over the world. Then, on the evening of July 5, a devastating computer exploit badly hit its systems.

400 GB of data were stolen from the servers of the company headed by the CEO David Vincenzetti and published online through torrents. Among the material that was published, there are “crown jewels” like the source code of the RCS – an acronym for Remote Control System –, a spearhead HT product that was the fruit of a 10 years’ work and R&D investments. But there is more. In the leaks’ list other most precious files appear, like the so-called 0day: vulnerabilities in the code of some programs – in this case the most popular Adobe Flash Player and Microsoft Internet Explorer – that in the right hands become beacons used to perform exploits and take the control of a computer. Continue reading